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2007-07-18 08:15:31 by InfinateLoop

Man, there's two collabs I'm doing right now. Well, I wouldn't call them collabs. I call it joining forces to make one flash.

Collab 1: The New Adventures Of Hillington School

This is about how the current teacher, Mrs. Hobo came to be. I joined forces with my friends at Anim8Alliance in animating the clean up stage that you all see. The ringleader, Alex, is one of my best friends. We even spent the hours learning Flash together. There's a reason that it's the Njavascript:MakeSmileySelection(5);javascript:MakeSmileySele ction(5); adventures of Hillington School is that its a new beginning, a better plot, a new worker in the time, and most importantly, a new Animation Style. 17% Done.

Collab 2: Trapped In The Drive Thru Parts 1, 2, and 3.

This is another collab thats more minor with Anim8Alliance. This all started when we heard the song "Trapped In The Drive Thru" and we split the song in 3. They did the models and were the animation supervisors in the whole shindig. We're almost ready to animate, we just have to finish one of the models.


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